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Absolute American Bully is dedicated to improving the American Bully Pit Bull. We strive with each breeding to enhance the overall quality of the American Bully Pit bull. Here at Absolute American Bully Kennel we only breed two dogs that compliment one another, meaning if one dog has something that the other is lacking and we like the pedigree of the other dog we may use that dog to get closer to the perfect American Bully if thats possible. We do not breed for color or quantity but for quality. Quality is priceless. We are currently using Razors Edge, Gotti Line/ Daxline and Remyline in our breeding program. This does not mean that other lines are subpar, it simply means that these are the lines that we have chose to use in our breeding program of the American Bully Pit Bull at this time. We will be using other lines in the near future, so please feel free to stop back by or call us for more information. Absolute American Bully provides exceptional care for all of it's American Bully Pit Bulls. Our Kennel is located in Columbus, Ohio  with new, modern facilities and plenty of room for our dogs to run freely. We do not breed for exotic American Bullies; however we do periodically have Exotic American Bullies. Exoctic American Bullies are considered to be defective American Bullies by some and others want nothing except for an Exotic American Bully. Here at Absolute American Bully we really have no opion either way with Exoctic American Bullies providing that they are bred correctly and in a manner that does not comprimise the health and soundness of the dog. Everyone is entitled to like what they like. There are a lot of big name Exotic American Bullies out there, such as Mr. Miagi, Haze, Karate Kid, BullsEye, King Kong, Ice Pick, Machete and many more. As with any breed of dog, before picking a breeder you should always ask lots of questions and if at all possible try to speak with other people that may have had dealing with the breeder you are considering buying your Ameriacn Bully from. Reputable American Bully kennels and breeders will not just sell a a puppy to anyone. Reputable breeders want to know about the person(s) that will be purchasing one of their American Bully puppies or adults, and will want to know about the home that their American Bully puppy(s) are going to. We are constantly striving to have the best possible American Bully kennel that we can have here at Absolute American Bully.

American Bully Grand Champion Chumper

Absolute American Bully's highly trained team will not only be here to sell you an American Bully Pit Bull, but at each and every stage of your Bullies life. That's our promise to you and the entire American Bullies community. Your American Bully Pit Bull's health, comfort and safety is our top priority.


We ship to not only to other parts of Ohio but all over the world at the owner's expense. So regardless if you live in California or Brazil, we'll get your puppy to you safely. 

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